First off Joe, let me thank you for the additional traffic you've sent our way, it's really great!

I'm sorry you took umbrage at a simple correction, but we believe fact checking is important.  Oh yeah, my colleagues laughed at the "nicely compensated" dig.

Now, I have to admit, being called out by Joe Monahan was kind of cool. I really didn't think I warranted a response. That said, Joe, you made a couple of statements about me that didn't really make sense.  And I'd like the opportunity to respond.
"You gotta love the way the ex-reporters turned PR folks get self-righteous once they start drawing the big paychecks from taxpayers."

Self-righteous? Joe, I think my friends and co-workers have a different view of me.  As for me being an ex-reporter, yes, I worked at the Albuquerque Journal for ten years. But ex-reporter might be a step too far.  I did some copy-editing and reporting, but was primarily an agate and web guy.
"But let's put it right back on the nicely compensated Mr. Hendrix."

This is the second time you've referenced my supposedly large salary, Joe. And I have to admit, that did get chuckles around the office. Let me correct the record, if I may.  My salary is public record, and it's in the mid $30s.
"Why didn't he put out a news release to the press and us when the Collins contract expired? It had been in the state's major newspaper and on this blog several times."

We didn't put out a release when the contract expired because that's not what we do for any contract worker. Otherwise there would be a lot of press releases about the various construction companies we work with contractually.

You had interesting posts on both days that contained good ideas about how the current New Mexico budget crisis can be addressed. It's really too bad that my personal information got in the way.

Again, thanks for all of the additional traffic, and once you've had a chance to think this over, let's go grab some coffee. Hey, being the "high-paid PR man living off of the taxpayer," I'll even treat.

- Benson