One of the biggest changes that greeted students, faculty and staff this semester is the rollout of LoboMail, the new email and calendaring system based on Microsoft Exchange that will replace Webmail and UNM GroupWise.

LoboMail users will enjoy the large storage capacity, a full-featured calendar, convenient Web access and easy access from mobile devices including iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile.

LoboMail is the result of a three-year campus-wide initiative led by Chief Information Officer Gil Gonzales to define needs and select a product that will provide the infrastructure
for effective, flexible and secure communication in support Over the course of the initiative, input was collected from faculty, staff and students throughout the university community, culminating in the selection and implementation of Microsoft Exchange and Office 365.

"We listened to the university community regarding possible email options, needs and expectations," said Gonzales. "In response to the campus community, the university selected Microsoft Exchange. We believe this product will not only invite collaboration within the university, but also outside the campus community and by matching up with other institutions."

Student email was migrated over the summer, while faculty and staff email will migrate some time during this semester. When students return they should check their email regularly for instructions and updates, clean out their inbox and delete unneeded email, and save large attachments currently in their inbox to their hard drive. Additionally, users are instructed to not use their trash folder as a filing system. The trash folder will not be migrated.

User training and support materials, videos and training sessions on LoboMail will be available during the semester as the rollout of the new system continues.

"This is the beginning of the university looking at the intersection of collaboration, social media and new media services for the university," Gonzales said.

Information Technologies created a website to answer questions about the new services offered by LoboMail. For more information, visit: LoboMail.