• Yemane Asmerom is a Distinguished Professor of Isotope Geochemistry in the Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences at The University of New Mexico.
  • Asmerom’s research interests include climate/atmospheric sciences, geochemistry, petrology, mineralogy and surface processes.
  • Asmerom founded and is the director of the Radiogenic Isotope Laboratory.
  • Asmerom’s research group and international collaborators address wide-ranging research topics from climate change on Earth at various time scales to exploring the evolution of the solar system.
  • His research group aims to provide constraints on future climate change based on high-resolution paleoclimate data with a focus on “policy actionable science.”
  • Over the last decade, he has been part of the leading edge in the technical (e.g. half-life determinations, ionization techniques, chemical procedures, and instrumental configurations), conceptual and applied developments in uranium-series isotope geochemistry.
  • He has applied long-lived radiogenic isotopes in many novel applications, including uplift rates of terrains and inception and incision rates of the Grand Canyon
  • Asmerom is a Geochemical Fellow and Follow of the Geological Society of America. He is a relentless advocate for broader participation of women and minorities in the sciences and institutional transformation locally and nationally.

Additional areas of interest
His interests extend to the origin and evolution of the solar system, in subjects ranging from the latest magmatism in the Moon to the nature of Martian crust.

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