Below are a few Frequently Asked Questions regarding UNM's new seal and implementation.


Q. I’m graduating in December of 2020. Will my diploma have the new seal?

A. No. Diplomas for the class of 2020 will be printed with the interim seal adopted in 2017. 

Q. I graduated before 2020, but I need a copy of my diploma. Which seal will be on my new diploma?

A. Diplomas requested now will still have the interim seal. Any duplicate diplomas requested in or after the spring of 2021 will have the new seal. 

Q. How was the seal selected? 

A. The seal design process was led by the Division for Equity & Inclusion and guided by an inclusive seal committee. Feedback was requested in the form of a ranking of the top five seal designs, which lead to a statistically weighted ranking for the Regents to consider. In addition to the weighted ranking, factors such as the ability to reproduce the seal and a need for timeless design were considered. The UNM seal must be functional for printing, embroidery, embossing, and etching on a variety of materials. 

For more information about the seal selection process, visit UNM Seal Design.