During a summer research trip to South Australia, UNM Professor of Law Marsha Baum was invited to speak at multiple venues on her comparative law research project on the legal treatment of animals in disasters and animals used in research.

Baum was a panelist at the Australia and New Zealand Disaster Management Conference, where she presented information on the U.S. PETS Act and the impact of the law from Hurricane Katrina to Hurricane Sandy. She also spoke on the United States experience with animals in disaster at the Flinders University Law School, where she discussed her project with people from that university's Disaster Research Centre.

Baum also presented her project focusing on the use of animals in research before an audience of veterinarians and disaster management volunteers, and others, at the University of Adelaide Law School. Baum's research project explores the differences between state and federal animal welfare regimes and the impact on the differences on treatment of animals in two specific contexts - disasters and use in research.

This most recent research trip for her ongoing project was supported by the UNM Law School Dean's International Fellowship, with research support from Flinders University and Adelaide Law School.