This week, New Mexico in Focus celebrates the state's centennial with a look at one of its most colorful and controversial figures – Billy the Kid. The Kid gets national treatment as the PBS show American Experience explores what made the young Irishman into one of the most legendary icons of the American West. NMiF Host Gene Grant interviews the producer and director of the show, John Maggio, as well as the series' executive producer, Mark Samels.

NMiF also highlights the letters Billy the Kid wrote to Territorial Governor Lew Wallace in an effort to cool the heat of law enforcement on the trail of The Kid.

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Also, this week on NMiF, The Line gets down to the business of electing a president as they examine Rick Santorum's neck-and-neck Iowa caucus race with Mitt Romney. Former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce Jamie P. Estrada and Duke City Fix blogger Jon Knudsen – a.k.a. "Johnny Mango" – join the regular panelists to parse the Republican presidential race. The Line also looks at the new competitive nature of the New Mexico House of Representatives after a judge weighs in with a monumental decision.

• Gene Grant

• John Maggio, producer/director, American Experience
• Mark Samels, executive producer, American Experience

Line Panelists
• Laura Sanchez, environmental attorney
• Dan Foley, former NM House Republican Whip

Guest Line Panelists
• Jamie P. Estrada, vice president, DW Turner
• Jon Knudsen, blogger, Duke City Fix

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