One of the most widely used systems on campus is getting a complete overhaul – including a fresh look, more streamlined user interfaces and easier processes.

Many people on The University of New Mexico campus are unfamiliar with the Banner system, even though they probably use it every day.  Student registration, payroll, employee leave information and countless forms are stored, organized and accessed through Banner.

So, when the new Banner 9 rollout happens later this year and next year, a lot will look different.

Here’s what you need to know.

Banner 9 (and its predecessor Banner 8, currently in use) has two components: administration forms and self-service modules. Admin forms are used primarily by select staff and faculty – whereas the self-service modules are accessed by nearly everyone on campus. The upgrade to these platforms has been months in the making, with an entire team of information technology specialists configuring the system for launch. Although they are working to make the transition as smooth as possible, the campus community should familiarize itself with the upcoming changes.

Administration Forms (Fall 2017/Spring 2018 implementation)

The new Banner 9 system will streamline the download and completion processes for administration forms (or Banner forms), giving users an easier platform to complete their transactions. Whereas the old system was clunky, with excessive buttons and archaic technology, Banner 9 is more intuitive, with a sleeker user-interface – allowing for more accessibility and improved capabilities. The changes will come in phases, with the first Banner form changes launching in late Fall 2017, and continuing implementations throughout next year.

Banner forms impacted by the upgrade include:

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Finance
  • Financial Aid
  • General
  • Human Resources
  • Position Control
  • Student
Banner9 1
A look inside the new Banner 9 Forms interface.

Self-Service Modules (Spring 2018 implementation)

Self-service modules in Banner include many of the Loboweb applications frequently accessed at These include payroll, leave balances and registration. Of these, only the registration module will be impacted by the new upgrade. The new registration module will be rolled out in two phases: voluntary participation during the second eight-week Spring 2018 semester, and mandatory participation starting the Summer 2018 semester. During the rollout in February, students registering for classes will be able to access both the new and old Banner registration systems. After the Spring semester, Banner 8 registration will be permanently shut down, and all registration starting with Summer class registration in Spring 2018 will be done on Banner 9.

Banner 9 2
Starting next year, the new Banner 9 registration platform will look something like this.

For more information on the Banner 9 upgrade and implementation schedule, as well as a user guide, visit