Elaine Soto, clinical psychologist at University of New Mexico's Counseling Assistance & Referral Services (CARS), is holding a Creative Visualization Workshop for faculty and staff on Friday, Feb. 17 from 1 - 4 p.m. at the UNM Business Center, 1700 Lomas Blvd N.E., room 1016.

Creative Visualization is the practice of seeking to affect the outer world by changing one's thoughts. The creative impulse is wired into each of us but gets shut down when we are forced to compete or copy others. Russian athletes were compared in four groups and those that had 25 percent physical training and 75 percent mental training performed the best.

Soto, who received a Masters and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from New York University in 1979, has worked as a psychologist, teacher and supervisor in private practice, and in college and graduate school programs for over 20 years.

She teaches how visualizing with regularity and positivity an image of something desired can produce outward manifestation. Come learn to relax and express your dream to help it come true. Dreams can be more confident, creative and expressive. Come prepared to relax and fine tune your mind for something new.

To register go to Learning Central and sign up for course # EOD 443, Expressive Art - Creative Visualization.

All materials are provided.