UNM Vice President for Research and Economic Development Michael Dougher is reshaping the office to more clearly define UNM research strengths.   The report assists outside entities in understanding UNM research activities.

First on his list include research areas in which UNM has national standing.  Those include:

  • Materials Science and Optical Sciences
  • Sustainability & Energy
  • Computation & Visualization
  • Water, Climate Change & the Environment
  • Pulsed Power-Driven High Power Microwave
  • Policy in Science, Technology & Health

Dougher says there are also a number of emerging research clusters at UNM including

  • Cyber-security
  • Humanities Research Center
  • Digital Arts, Film and Gaming
  • Informatics Research, Data Sciences and Curation
  • Human behavioral sciences (including addictions and the Mind Research Network

A document outlining UNM research strengths has been posted on the Office of the Vice President for Research website.

Dougher says the hard sciences are only part of the picture when he thinks about research at UNM.


The ongoing economic impact of research at UNM is substantial.  Researchers working at the university Main campus were awarded $119,732,442 in Fiscal Year 2012-2013.