Students are now two weeks into the 2017 fall semester, and it’s that point in time where they need to be aware of certain deadlines and services that can affect their success. The University of New Mexico has a myriad of resources out there that can provide the necessary help for student success.

For instance, students can visit All Access UNM, the University’s Enrollment Management Communication Center. The Communication Center is the premier assistance center to students inquiring about Admissions, Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Records and Registration.

This site also serves as a One-Stop Center for quick access and easier navigation to information to many of UNM’s frequently utilized departments, resources and services. Taking a few minutes to review this website will introduce students and parents to a vast array of helpful information.

Useful links include: Recruitment and Admissions; Financial Aid / Scholarships; Records & Registration; Paying Tuition and Fees; Colleges & Academic Resources; Campus Life and Housing; General UNM Information; and Campus Resources.

“In the event of questions, UNM staff can assist online through chat, over the phone, or in person at our One Stop office,” said Financial Aid Director Brian Malone. “Meeting deadlines and submitting any requirements in a timely fashion let’s students better plan for the year, and allow them to more fully concentrate on their studies.”

The One-Stop Center located in Mesa Vista Hall. Representatives are available to help answer enrollment-related questions, financial aid and more. If students can’t find the answer(s) or if they can’t get to the One-Stop Center, they can call the Communication Center at 505-277-8900 or chat online.

“We are committed to providing the best student experience by streamlining the student service delivery,” said Registrar Alex Gonzales. “The Communication Center and One Stop are the gateway to inform students of important dates and deadlines while assisting them with questions regarding registration, admissions or financial aid. Our students also enjoy our Chat service as it is convenient and efficient.”

Another useful website is the Office of the Registrar, where students can find important Semester Deadline Dates, including add / drop course information. Additional information includes registration, transcripts, final exam schedule and the 2017 UNM catalog.

Additional important information regarding financial aid status, unsatisfied requirements, waitlist openings, holds, maintaining credit hours for scholarships and/or financial aid is often sent via email. Be sure all of your contact information is accurate and up-to-date so you don’t miss any valuable information.

“In regards to financial aid and scholarships, it's very important to keep on top of requests for additional information and deadlines. Timely responses from students can make a difference on what type of aid they are eligible for in addition to the timing of the receipt of funds,” said Malone. “Students can keep up with deadlines through All Access website, and their own specific requirements through Lobo Web.”

For those students who have friends or family that want to visit campus or request additional information, visit Admissions.

Campus safety should also be front and center for not only students, but faculty and staff also. UNM is committed to offering services, information, resources and tools to offer a safe campus to all students, staff, faculty, and visitors. UNM encourages individuals to contribute to campus safety and preparedness by becoming informed, staying alert and using good judgment.

The UNM Campus Safety website includes information about UNM’s Emergency Blue Phones, Lobo Alerts, Campus Safety Walk and LoboRESPECT, UNM’s comprehensive approach to preventing and responding to sexual violence in our campus community. LoboGuardian, a mobile app implemented by UNM several years ago, increases user safety by creating a virtual safety network of friends and family. For more information, visit LoboGuardian.