Not feeling well? UNM encourages you to please stay at home. Symptoms aren’t always from the flu or COVID-19, but with cases on the rise in New Mexico, it’s important we are careful when feeling any symptoms that could potentially put others at risk. 

Louie Feeling Sick
If you're feeling sick, stay home.

What Can Employees Do?
Whether your symptoms may be “just allergies” or a common cold, as an employee it is important to stay at home. Employees who aren’t feeling well may be able to utilize “situational telecommuting,” allowing them to work from home rather than coming to campus or taking leave. Employees who aren’t able to telework may be eligible for additional paid time off via 
UNM’s Additional COVID Paid Leave program – staying home when you’re feeling sick is a foundational COVID Safe Practice! Social distancing and isolation are still the best ways to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and Influenza.  

Employees with flu-like symptoms should contact the UNM COVID Call Center at 505-515-8212 for guidance on testing and isolation. The CDC recommends staying home at least 24 hours after your fever (100° or higher) is gone without the use of fever-reducing medicines. But not everyone with the flu will have a fever, so it is important to be cautious.

What Can Supervisors Do?
Communicate sick leave policies and be flexible and mindful of the importance of staying home when sick. Be supportive of employees when managing their health and their family’s needs. Help maintain continuity in operations by having work-from-home and essential business function plans for times when employees need to be absent. Cross-train staff to perform essential functions so business can continue operating.