A roundtable discussion on the national debt, sponsored by the Up to Us Campaign, a national and global effort to raise awareness about sovereign debt, is set for Thursday, Jan. 30 from 4 - 5:30 p.m. in Anderson School of Management room 2082. The discussion, Sovereign National Debt: Issues and Consequences, is free and open to the public and is sponsored by ASM, International Business Students Global in association with UNM Net Impact and the Up to Us Competition. 

The United States national debt has risen beyond $17 trillion, an incomprehensible amount to grasp, much less express to future generations. Those same citizens will have to contend with its domestic and global impact.

"This discussion will be used to formulate a multi-disciplinary resolution that we will distribute to local, state, national and world leaders to provoke original thinking regarding this important issue," said Victoria Pryor, Up to Us team member.

Up to Us was founded by the Clinton Global Initiative, the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, and Net Impact.  It was intended to reach students and youth about sovereign debt despite the partisanship often ignited by this issue.  As part of this effort, college campuses around the United States will engage stakeholders throughout the country to raise awareness through multiple approaches. 

Up to Us competitors invite the campus and community at large to support their effort.

 Send an email to Manuel Montoya, assistant professor in FITE, finance, international, technology and entrepreneurship management, in the Anderson School of Management and their advisor; or Up to Us stating support of the group's efforts. Your name will be added to a list of global leaders that will be displayed in the campaign. Individuals may add a personal thought, sharing their perspective. Up to Us will use those quotes in the information they publicize.

Visit the website, view the video or find Up to Us on Facebook. The UNM team is judged partially on visits to their online materials.

  1. Wear a pin or take a picture: we have designed pins to wear to formal or public events.  You may request a pin and we will send it to you immediately to wear at events.  You need only supply an address where we may send this pin to you.  Alternatively, you may take a picture with the attached “resolution to engage” document attached to this email.  Send us a picture of you and others showing your support and we will proudly add this to our campaign archive.

We are dedicated to contributing rigorous and compelling thought to the issue of sovereign debt.  Please help us support these efforts in any way you can.