New Mexicans have fought in Afghanistan and been directly impacted by the war's scope and its cost. This week New Mexico in Focus looks at Afghanistan, 10 years later.

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Also this week, the Line talks about the efforts to revamp Albuquerque's controversial green building codes, and revisits the Occupy Wall Street movement as its presence spreads in New Mexico.  Host Gene Grant sits down with New Mexico Farm and Livestock Bureau President Mike White to talk about farm subsidies.

*Mike White, President, NM Farm and Livestock Bureau
*Patrick Staib-Flores, coordinator, Agri-Cultura Network

Guest Panelist:
*Paul Gessing, President, Rio Grande Foundation

Line Panelists:
*Dan Foley, former Republican House Whip
*Sophie Martin, Social Media consultant
*Laura Sanchez, environmental lawyer, Natural Resources Defense Council

*Gene Grant

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New Mexico in Focus is produced by Matt Grubs and Kathy Wimmer and closed captioning has been made possible by a gift from Mrs. Elspeth G. Bobbs.