This week, New Mexico in Focus delves into recent job reports that show N.M. has suffered more job losses than any other state in the West. Who is to blame and, more importantly, how can policymakers turn things around?

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The Line talks with National Weather Service hydrologist Ed Polasko about what some are calling the worst drought in half a century, and looks at Gov. Martinez's troubles in attempting to post state employee names and salaries on the state's Sunshine Portal web site as well as the departure from the New Mexico Foundation of Open Government board of GOP attorney and operative Pat Rogers. Rogers has been a noted open government advocate, but was caught communicating about public matters using the private email addresses of government officials.

• Ed Polasko, hydrologic program manager, National Weather Service

Line Panelists
• Jamie Estrada, former U.S. Commerce Department official
• Dan Foley, former New Mexico House Republican Whip
• Sophie Martin, editor-in-chief, the New Mexico Law Review
• Laura Sanchez, attorney

• Matt Grubs

• Gene Grant

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