Gwen Ifill, managing editor and moderator of "Washington Week" and senior correspondent on the PBS NewsHour, was in Albuquerque for a public event last Saturday.  Ifill took time to sit down with New Mexico in Focus' Gene Grant to discuss her thoughts and opinions about the results of the mid-term elections. She and Grant also talk about the state of black politics today, which is also the subject of her recent book, "The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama."

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Also this week, the line panelists discuss which of Gov. Richardson's projects may be most in jeopardy in a Martinez administration, and the future of the Bush tax cuts.


* Gwen Ifill, managing editor and moderator of "Washington Week" & senior correspondent on the PBS NewsHour

Guest Panelists:

* Jon Knudsen, Blogger,
* Phil Marquez, former Talk Radio host at KIVA 1550 Am Radio

Line Panelists:

* Sophie Martin, managing editor,
* Laura E. Sanchez, former executive director, New Mexico Democratic Party


*Gene Grant, Weekly Alibi Columnist

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