This week, New Mexico in Focus discusses the ongoing FBI investigation of possible corruption at the Albuquerque Police Department. Last week, federal agents raided the homes of several APD officers — most of them assigned to the department's DWI unit. They also kicked in the doors at the home and offices of a well-known criminal defense attorney who specializes in drunken driving cases and his paralegal.

Four police officers are on paid leave, and another has been reassigned while the FBI leads a criminal investigation, and APD brass dig into whether any of the officers' conduct violated department policy. No one — neither the police officers potentially implicated nor the attorney or his paralegal — has been charged with a crime in connection with this case, as of our recording on Thursday. Officials have not been clear what exactly is being alleged regarding this growing scandal. But through calls NMIF has made and reporting from other news organizations, it appears the feds are looking into whether cops and defense attorneys were cooperating to get DWI cases dismissed.

Bernalillo County District Attorney Sam Bregman has dismissed more than 150 DWI cases since news of the federal raids broke. This week, NMIF sits down with Bregman to discuss the case and get his response to concerns from residents in a state that's been troubled by drunk drivers for decades.

Then, NMIF catches up with correspondent Gwyneth Doland at the Roundhouse. Legislation is slowly starting to move through the Capitol, as Democratic leaders get a handle on what from the governor's agenda could be viable in their chambers. This week, Gwyneth speaks with House Speaker Javier Martinez and Senate Majority Leader Peter Wirth for an update on the bills in front of them.

In 1971, New Mexico voters added a provision to the state constitution declaring that the protection of our “beautiful and healthful environment is hereby declared to be of fundamental importance to the public interest, health, safety and the general welfare.” But some people who live in the oil and gas producing regions say that the state isn’t living up to that — and they’ve filed a lawsuit.

Our Land's Laura Paskus hosts a three-part roundtable discussion exploring why the lawsuit was filed and how lawmakers can address some of these concerns during this year's legislative session.

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NMiF Segments
DA Sam Bregman on APD Federal Investigation
Lou DiVizio

Sam Bregman, District Attorney, Bernalillo County 

How Oil and Gas Has Changed NM's Landscape, Residents Relationship with Environment and Environmentalists Sue NM for Violating Residents' Constitutional Rights  and Legislating NM Oil and Gas in 2024

Laura Paskus

Gail Evans, senior attorney, Climate Law Institute at the Center for Biological Diversity
Jozee Zuniga, Youth United for Climate Crisis Action
Daniel Tso, former tribal council delegate, Navajo Nation 

State Democratic Leaders on Child Safety Bills, Balancing State Budget
Gwyneth Doland

Rep. Javier Martinez (D), House Speaker
Sen. Peter Wirth (D), Senate Majority Speaker

Lou DiVizio 

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