The Provost Committee for Staff (PCS) is accepting nominations for the Outstanding Staff Award and the Outstanding Workgroup Award now until Friday, April 22. 

Each spring semester of the academic year, the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs presents annual awards to staff members of The University of New Mexico who have provided extraordinary service to our community.

Staff, faculty, and students may nominate any permanent, non-faculty staff member. An office, department, division, or section is considered a workgroup and is eligible to be nominated for the Outstanding Workgroup Award. Collaborative nominations for a single person or group are highly encouraged. Nomination forms and more information about eligibility can be found at

The Provost Committee for Staff was founded in 1989 and is comprised of staff members in areas of the university that report to the Provost. This committee was created to assist the Provost in providing opportunities for staff development, recognition, and service.

Members of this committee represent staff on issues that affect staff, disseminating information, and carrying out activities regarding staff development and recognition. Throughout the year, the PCS offer fall and spring academic support scholarships, designed to help support staff that utilize their tuition remission benefit.