It’s time to register for funding and secure a spot on the official event’s calendar for The University of New Mexico’s 2023 Research & Discovery Week.

Research & Discovery Week is a campus-wide event that showcases and celebrates the excellence and diversity of UNM’s research enterprise, while promoting resources and opportunities available to UNM researchers and fostering the principles of ethical, engaged, collaborative, and fulfilling scholarship.

The 2nd Annual Research & Discovery Week will be held Nov. 6-12 and pre-registration is open. The Office of the Vice President for Research aims to highlight a diverse range of research disciplines and to fill the week with activities that will reach all members of our UNM campus, as well as the broader community.

Featured Events
For best consideration, apply by June 1

Featured events include keynote speakers, conferences, or other programs that will attract a broad audience, including faculty, staff, students, and community members. A limited number of featured events will be selected.

Selected events will be eligible for up to $4,000 in funding and comprehensive promotional and logistical support. Priority will be given to events that have potential to reach a broad audience and that highlight UNM research strengths (e.g., keynote speakers that are alumni or collaborators with UNM researchers). Scheduling, feasibility, and disciplinary diversity will also be considered in selection. Final event details (date, time, location) must be supplied by Sept. 1.

Research Showcase
For best consideration, apply by June 1

We are seeking fun and engaging outreach activities to showcase UNM research, scholarship, and creative activities in the SUB during high-traffic lunch hours Monday-Friday. Register to reserve a spot and spread the word about your research.

Tables, chairs, and a visual display will be provided, along with UNM Research-themed giveaways. Showcase organizers may apply for up to $500 for additional needs, such as printing, refreshments, or other supplies. We encourage presenters to feature student researchers in their demonstrations.

Scheduled Events
Deadline to pre-register, Sept. 1

We invite entities from across UNM’s campuses to host lectures, open houses, workshops, exhibits, performances, or other activities that showcase or support the range of excellent research, scholarship, and creative activities at UNM. Compared to featured events, scheduled events may be smaller or have less need for logistical or financial support.

Pre-registering your event ensures that it will be included in promotional calendars for Research & Discovery Week. The first 10 registrants will be eligible for up to $500 in funding to purchase refreshments or other materials for the event. Registrants will be responsible for all logistics associated with their event.

Questions? Contact Assistant Vice President for Research Melissa Emery Thompson at