The University of New Mexico School of Law and Department of History host a pair of events Wednesday, March 2 concerning the war in Ukraine. 


The UNM School of Law hosts, Invasion of Ukraine, in Room 2401 Bratton Hall on North Campus at 12 noon. The discussion is also available via Zoom (or Zoom ID: 967 9602 0552, Password: UKRAINE).


Participating panelists include:

Historical and Cultural Context
Tanya Ivanova-Sullivan - is an associate professor of Russian and director of UNM's Russian program. 


Justin Hamil - third-year nuclear engineering student, with a minor in mathematics and a second major in Russian. 


International Law
Jennifer Moore - professor of law who worked for the U.N. High Commissioner for refugees, first as an associate protection officer in west Africa and then as a legal office in Washington D.C.  


USAID in Ukraine
Paul Figueroa - assistant professor of law most recently served as a foreign service officer and in-house counsel for the U.S. Agency for the International Development in Guatemala. Figueroa spent time in Ukraine while working for USAID. 


Russian Perspective & Putin's Speech

Kate Magedova – third-year law student who has done extensive work focusing on International Law, human rights, and refugee law. Magedova was born in Russia and immigrated to the U.S. with her family and grew up in Socorro, N.M. She offers a unique perspective as a Russian citizen and Russian speaker.


Imperialism & Communism V. Fascism

Marc-Tizoc González – professor of law and a grandchild of people who immigrated to the United States during the Mexican Revolution. He serves as a co-chair of the American Association of Law Schools (AALS) section on minority groups. His scholarship theorizes how the U.S. Legal System affects people who are hungry, impoverished or otherwise socially marginalized.


U.S. National Security
Josh Kastenberg – associate professor of law. Prior to joining the UNM Law School faculty, Kastenberg had a 20-year career as a lawyer and judge in the U.S. Air Force. Prior to joining the law faculty, he taught graduate and undergraduate level courses in national security law and systems as well as legal history.


At 3 p.m., the Department of History has assembled a group of experts in history, political science, and Eastern European languages and cultures to discuss European perspectives on the political and historical origins of the conflict. This webinar takes place in Clark Hall Room 101 (or Zoom:  


Both events allow UNM experts to share their knowledge and wisdom concerning this war.