The UNM Exercise Physiology Lab is looking for healthy adults ages 18 to 65 years to participate in a weight loss study.

The study involves 12 weeks of health coaching to determine if health devices influence body weight, physical activity levels and select blood-borne markers of health like fasting blood glucose, hemoglobin A1c and insulin.

Participants must have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of greater or equal to 30 BMI kg/m^2, must take less than 7,000 steps per day, and must have and iPhone or Android smart phone.

Those who participate will be randomly assigned to one of two intervention groups, a video conferencing or in-person group or a control group.

The Control group must dedicate 44 hours to the study, two hours for pre and post testing and three and a half hours of MyFitnessPal inputting per week.

The Intervention group must dedicate 54 hours to the study, two hours for pre and post testing, three and a half hours of MyFitnessPal inputting per week and nine and a half hours of health coaching.

There is no compensation for participating in this study.

For more information, contact Kelly Johnson 505-322-5715 or Dr. Ann Gibson at 505-277-2248