The University of New Mexico launched the Excellence-in-Translation Center (UNM EX-TRA), an initiative that leverages the strengths and abilities of UNM’s highly diverse and international graduate student community and the academic translation expertise and training.

The initiative is a collaboration between the UNM Global Education Office and the UNM College of Education and Human Sciences through its Language, Literacy, & Sociocultural Studies program.

“It is our great pleasure to offer to both the general public and the university community an array of translation services between English and an exciting diversity of world languages,” said Lois Meyer, director of UNM EX-TRA. “One significant purpose of the Center is to enrich the academic competencies and professional expertise of the skilled and specially trained UNM graduate students who provide our quality translation services. Our goal is to assist you in internationalizing your products and services by magnifying you impact in a diverse, globalized world.”

UNM EX-TRA provides specialized academic translation of written scholarship including manuscripts, book chapters and articles. The initiative also provides written translation for diverse types and genres of other textual documents and materials including applications, transcripts, letters, birth certificates, fliers, scripts, announcements and pamphlets. The bilingual and biliterate translators are trained to provide academically sound, professional and accurate translations, aiming to go above and beyond in capability those provided by most commercially available translation services.

UNM EX-TRA provides a needed and critical service to expand access to information for a variety of campus and community purposes and seeks to further internationalize U.S. and non-U.S. academic scholarship. UNM EX-TRA currently offers translation between English and four languages: Arabic, French, Korean and Spanish, with samples available on the UNM EX-TRA website.

"I am so pleased by the meaningful opportunity to serve as a bridge for people who want to exchange their knowledge of the English and Korean worlds," said Hyun Hee Bae, UNM EX-TRA translator.