Many UNM programs celebrated important milestones this year, including:

Communication & Journalism, 60 years

School of Law, 60 years

Mitchell Hall, 60 years

Raymond Jonson Gallery, 60 years

Student Union Building, 50 years

Tamarind Institute, 50 years

Agora Crisis Center, 40 years

Long Term Ecological Research Network, 30 years

Center for Development and Disability, 20 years

Staff Council, 20 years

Landscape Architecture, 10 years

Words Afire, 10 years

Additionally, the University mourned the deaths of several faculty, staff and students including:

Hector Torres, Professor of English, March 8
Stefania Grey, master's student, Comparative Literature, March 8
Joseph Scaletti, Professor Emeritus, ECHO, March 10
Yi Huang and Mohammad Minhaz Mahdi, civil engineering students, June 5
Ferenc Szasz, Regents professor of History, June 20
Patricia Smith, professor emerita, English, July 11
Roxana Moreno, associate professor, College of Education, July 24
Peter Dorado, professor emeritus, ECE, Sept. 18
Fernando Garavito, Spanish and Portuguese instructor, Oct. 27
Ruben Cobos, Professor Emeritus, Spanish and Portuguese, Nov. 22