The annual Undergraduate Research Opportunity Conference (UROC) is taking place virtually and volunteers can sign up now to help review materials.

UROC will be held on April 15, 2021. It provides undergraduate researchers an opportunity to gain experience presenting and answering questions on their research. Projects can be from the classroom or independent learning but must showcase the undergraduate research to UNM and ABQ communities. 

“The UROC accepts the student’s presentations at any stage and in all disciplines, from beginners through advanced student researchers,” said Kiyoko Simmons, co-chair of the UROC and Scholarship & Outreach Manager for UNM Honors College. “The UROC evaluators have played a critical role for the student presenters. The comments and feedback from the evaluators helped undergraduate students develop their research projects further and improved their presentation skills.”

This year there are about 90 abstract submissions, each of which must be read and evaluated.  Organizers are asking the campus community to volunteer to evaluate and provide feedback to students. There is a particular need for evaluators for Poster and Oral presentations. 

The volunteer activities include:

  • Reviewing 3 or 6 pre-recorded oral presentations and providing feedback by using the UROC Evaluation Form between April 15 and April 20
  • Reviewing 3 or 6 uploaded posters, participating Zoom Live Q&A on the day of UROC (April 15), and filling out the UROC Evaluation Form by April 20
  • Reviewing up to 10 pre-recorded UROC180 presentations and filling out the UROC Evaluation Form between April 15 and April 20

Click here to access the UROC Volunteer Sign-Up Form.

UROC Goals:

  • Provide an opportunity for undergraduate students to present their research projects in and outside of the classroom/lab
  • Create opportunities for undergraduate students to network with faculty, graduate students, and greater UNM community
  • Showcase the undergraduate research to UNM communities including donors, policymakers, local businesses and industries, etc.

Read more details on the UROC Volunteer page.

Please contact Kiyoko Simmons ( or Sarita Cargas ( for any questions.