The next Qualitative Cafe is set for Thursday, March 10 from 12 to 1 p.m. in rm. 252 at the College of Nursing. The lecture, titled Regulating Adolescent Health Behavior: Tensions between Private Policy and Public Policy, will be presented by the newest faculty member in the College of Nursing, Dr. Dorinda Welle.

Children are raised in family environments structured through public policy but typically experienced through a lens of "private" family "policies." This tension between public and private, policies and rules, sets the stage for adolescent and adult struggles to variously "regulate" adolescent health behavior.

Reporting on ethnographic, life history, and ego development data from a 4 year longitudinal study of 45 young people ages 16-22, Welle will explore how young people formulate, practice, and enforce both "private" and "public" policy, the "policy arenas" in which adolescents explore notions of governance, rights, and regulation, and the implications of these "policy practices" for their health and health care.

A medical and cultural anthropologist, Dorinda Welle, Ph.D. is Assistant Professor, RWJF Collaborative in Nursing and Health Policy, at UNM College of Nursing.