The finalists, for the positions of Associate Provost for Academic Personnel and Associate Provost for Faculty Development & Academic & International Initiatives, have been announced by Provost Chaouki Abdallah.

The Associate Provost for Academic Personnel will become vacant at the end of August as Jane Slaughter fully retires from the University.  The new Associate Provost will be responsible for providing oversight and guidance of academic personnel administration and ensuring consistency across disciplines given the varying context that exists in main campus schools, colleges and branch campuses. The goals of this individual include improving faculty experiences at UNM and ensuring recruitment of the best possible candidates in future hiring and retention initiatives.

Two candidates, Patricia Boverie, professor, Organizational Learning and Carol Carol Parker, professor of Law and associate dean, School of Law, will interview for this position on Wednesday, Aug. 21.

The second position is for the Associate Provost for Faculty Development and Academic and International Initiatives.  The position will have a wide range of responsibilities for providing support for all main campus faculty development including teaching, research and professional activities and help to create new programs that represent creative endeavors in a wide range of field, including international and interdisciplinary programs.  In particular, this individual will focus on the development of junior faculty as scholars and scientists, teachers, mentors and leaders in their disciplines and in their communities.

The candidates, Virginia Scharff, Distinguished Professor of History, and Richard Wood, associate professor, Sociology,  will interview for this position on Friday, Aug. 23.

Candidates will interview with Abdallah, senior leadership in the Provost Office, Faculty Senate President Richard Holder and a variety of other groups across campus. Both searches are being chaired by Robert Berrens, professor of Economics and director of the Water Resources Program. 

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