Registration for the Spring 2022 semester at The University of New Mexico begins on Monday, Nov. 8. The class schedule is now available online.

Students may check their Registration Date by visiting and clicking Registration and Records menu.

Registration continues through Friday, Nov. 12 as follows:

  • Monday, Nov. 8 – graduate, law, medical, pharmacy and non-degree with a degree (continuing students)
  • Tuesday, Nov. 9 – undergraduates with 93 earned credit hours or more
  • Wednesday, Nov. 10 – undergraduates with 60 – 92.999 earned credit hours
  • Thursday, Nov. 11 – undergraduates with 26 – 59.999 earned credit hours
  • Friday, Nov. 12 – undergraduates with 0 – 25.999 earned credit hours

Registration begins at 7 a.m. on respective dates, however students may register any day/time after their registration date. Students are also encouraged to use the UNM College Scheduler, a planning tool to build conflict-free schedules with just a few clicks of a button.

New incoming freshman or transfer students admitted for Spring 2022 will register during New Student Orientation and advisement. Click here to sign up for a New Student Orientation session.

Students are also encouraged to schedule an appointment with their academic advisor through before their registration time. Academic Advisors are now helping students prepare for spring registration through in-person and remote services.

If a student has any holds on their Bursar account, they must first clear the holds that affect registration before being allowed to do so.

For additional information and or questions, visit us at or email

Spring Registration 2022